Friday, July 17, 2020

Meet Mrs. Padgett


Mrs. Padgett is originally from Chesnee, SC. Mrs. Padgett went to Greenville Tech after high school to Dental School. After finishing that, she owned her own embroidery and screen-printing business for 7 years. She monogrammed and custom embroidered items for ball teams and churches.

Mrs. Padgett recently decided to go to truck school. Mrs. Padgett’s husband is an owner/operator. So, when the talked about her traveling with him over the road, it made sense for her to get her CDL so she could have the ability to make money as well. Mr. Bailey shared that “She worked hard and diligently throughout the whole course. She stayed focused on her goal. Definitely a pleasure to be around and teach”. Mr. Braziel added, “I just think she is awesome!”.

Mrs. Padgett enjoys shopping, getting her nails done, and loves going to the lake. She enjoys spending time with family, friends, her husband, and her dog.

Mrs. Padgett obtained her CDL after she sat down and gave us a few minutes of her time for this spotlight. We look forward to following her career!

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