Thursday, July 9, 2020

Meet Mr. Irias

      Introducing Mr. Irias

Mr. Irias is originally from Honduras. He has been in America for 20 years. He first came to America with his parents when he was younger. He currently lives in Greenville, SC. Mr. Irias is married, loves to travel, and works full time. He used to be a driver that delivered supplies for a mill house, which mostly included lumber. Mr. Irias wanted to come to truck driver training for a better job and more opportunities. Eventually, he would like to own his own truck. He is Interested in pulling doubles and triples and possibly getting his hazmat endorsement.

“He is a really great guy. He is polite and has manners. Mr. Irias is very motivated. Anything that I have asked him to do, he does it. I’ve enjoyed instructing him”, explained Mr. Reese. Director Bailey shared, “Mr. Irias is a dedicated family man and dedicated to making a better life for his family. He worked a full-time job and attended school. I know he was tired after working a full day, I admire all of his hard work and dedication. I believe he is going to move into a driver’s position at his current employment which will give him an opportunity to make more money.”

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