Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Introducing Mr. Lamb

Introducing Mr. Lamb

Mr. Lamb is from Greer, SC. His dad owns a commercial plumbing business that he started in 1992. Mr. Lamb currently works with his dad. Mr. Lamb was interested in getting his CDL in order to drive dump trucks and different tractors at the plumbing company.

He is not only a night class CDL Student, but also a high school senior. He plans to attend Clemson University in the fall for Civil Engineering. Mr. Lamb also participates in professional shooting competitions where he has been sponsored by various companies.

Mr. Reese, instructor, said “He is a great student. He is very mature for his age. He is respectful and has a lot of manners. I think he will be very successful in life.” Mr. Bailey elaborated, “I only have been around him a few times since he is a night student, but when I have talked to him, it is clear that he is mature beyond his years. He is very goal oriented and focused on his future”. Mr. Davison added that he is “ambitious, mature, and very driven”.

We wish Mr. Lamb the best of luck in his future goals and career!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Introducing Mr. Carter

Introducing Mr. Carter

Mr. Carter is originally from Teachey, NC. Mr. Carter moved to South Carolina in 2006. He has worked in concrete his entire life, “since about 11 years old”. His uncle had his own concrete business followed by his cousin. Mr. Carter had his own crew that worked on job; he has done everything from residential to commercial concrete jobs. Mr. Carter wanted to drive trucks when he was younger, but at the time, he was making more money laying concrete. Eventually, he went to truck driving school at Trans Tech in Fletcher, NC.

After graduating, he obtained CDL, got hazmat and tanker endorsement along with his Twic card. After a few years and with the shift in driver pay, Mr. Carter decided he wanted to get into trucking, so he signed up for a refresher course. Eventually he wants to purchase his own truck. As he is currently talking to a few carriers, he is thinking about going to Superior Carriers. Mr. Carter is married and has 7 kids. He has 5 boys and 2 girls from the ages of 18-28. Mr. Carter likes fishing and he loves college football on Saturday and NFL.

 Mr. Carter has worked with all the staff as he has cycled through various aspects of his refresher course. Mr. Braziel, lead instructor, shared that “He {Mr. Carter} is a pleasure to be around. Mr. Carter has done a great job and nailed every skill he has been asked to execute.” Director Bailey stated, “He {Mr. Carter} is very polite and respectful. He is very knowledgeable. He is one of those people have been caught up with things shutting down with COVID19, so he is trying to reimagine himself. I am glad we were still open in order to help him. It has been a pleasure to be around him. He has learned a lot here and expressed that several times.” Davison, Compliance manger, added that “Mr. Carter is always early and very self-motivated”.

We wish Mr. Carter the best of luck in his career as he finishes up his refresher course today!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Introducing Mr. Dunlap

Introducing Mr. Dunlap

Mr. Dunlap is originally from Savannah, GA. He lived there for 13 years and then moved to the Upstate. He worked in a warehouse and has been working in that field since he graduated from high school. He was interested in truck driving from being around the trucking industry while working in various warehouses. “I decided to pursue getting my CDL so I could live a more comfortable life (financially).” Explained Mr. Dunlap.

“When I came to orientation at SBL Driving Academy, I liked that the school had manual transmissions, and a family environment. Everyone treated me like family from the time I walked in the door”. Mr. Dunlap also expressed that he really likes the instructors, “they show me respect”.  Mr. Braziel, Lead Instructor at SBL DA, stated “he {Mr. Dunlap} is an awesome young man. He is very polite and a lot of fun to be around. He represents himself in a very professional manner”. Director Bailey stated that, “He {Mr. Dunlap} is a family man and is trying to do something to better his family. Since he has been here, his wife and child visited the school so they could have a picnic lunch with him. He is progressing nicely and seems to be enjoying himself. He is always early for class and willing to learn. “

Mr. Dunlap is married and has 3 children; he likes to travel and loves to try different foods.  Sometimes you can catch him skateboarding on his lunch break. Mr. Dunlap is very interested in driving tankers and hopes to go to work for Superior Carriers after completing his program.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Meet Mr. Moffat

Meet Mr. Moffat

Mr. Moffat is originally from Eureka, Kansas. Before coming to truck driving school, Mr. Moffat worked on a ranch. His job varied daily on the ranch which included: fixing fences, herding cattle, feeding cattle, and driving heavy equipment such as: bulldozer, excavators, tractors, and trucks. On the ranch, when he was driving an 18-wheeler, he really enjoyed it and begun thinking about his future. Later on, Mr. Moffat decided to move to Duncan, SC to have better opportunities, which lead him to SBL Driving Academy. After completing Entry Level Driver Training, Mr. Moffat’s game plan is to “get experience in over the road trucking for a few years and eventually move back to Kansas and go back to ranch work. I plan on going to work for a company that transports food, my dad has done it for a really long time.”

Additionally, Mr. Moffat holds a technical certificate in gasoline and diesel engines. He volunteered at Eureka Fire Department for the county and the city for 4 years before moving to South Carolina. He is certified in swift water rescue and scuba diving (recovery purposes). When he is not at CDL School, he enjoys the outdoors such as fishing and hunting.

Mr. Moffat expressed that he really has enjoyed his time at SBL Driving Academy so far and the “instructors are nice”. Director Bailey said, “He [Moffat] has done very good for himself. He did not come here with a blank canvas; he brought a lot of knowledge with him. The cool thing is, you can take him a little deeper than the basic understanding, you know take his training to the next level”.

Mr. Moffat spent his first day on the range today, and it was clear from his huge smile that he is happy to be behind the wheel.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Introducing Mr. Dogan

Introducing Mr. Dogan

Mr. Dogan is a native of Greenville, SC and still resides there with his wife and three children. In 2006, he was employed by a trucking company’s body shop. He worked on the trucks which sparked his interest in them. A few years later, he begun to work as a box truck driver, which made him even more interested in driving an 18- wheeler. Mr. Dogan said after he graduates, he may drive a “flatbed or a dump truck”. When asked about what he liked most about his training his response, “The staff is great! They are very dedicated.  The training has been wonderful, and I have made some friends along the way.”

Mr. Dogan has done a magnificent job in his program at SBL Driving Academy. He is in his last phase of the course where students are tested on the range and on the road. Mr. Braziel described Mr. Dogan as “a good guy. He is a lot of fun to be around…. always upbeat and a very positive attitude”. Director of SBL Driving Academy said, “Mr. Dogan has such a great attitude. He is always laughing or smiling. He seems to also be a very dedicated family man.” Mr. Dogan is definitely on the road to success and we cannot wait to see where the path leads him. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

From the Director's Desk at 
SBL Driving Academy

Our last class graduated, and we finally have a disposition on them. They did an outstanding job in the classroom and on the range. This was apparent by their grade point average. The students' averages were above 90%. That is not an easy task to do. There is a magnitude of information that is passed out and given during their duration here. Our curriculum and information given is designed to make students problem solve in real world scenarios. That class is at a 100% success rate for CDL licensing.

Our newest Entry Level Driver Training class that begun in February is at a 100% pass rate on their Commercial Learner's Permit. The class average for driving on the road and in inclement weather. They actually begun night driving academic grades is a 90.99%. Our current class has had a lot of experience believe that the entire class should easily get their CDL and be gainfully this week. Based on reports from the instructors and observations of myself, I employed soon