Thursday, April 16, 2020

Meet Mr. Moffat

Meet Mr. Moffat

Mr. Moffat is originally from Eureka, Kansas. Before coming to truck driving school, Mr. Moffat worked on a ranch. His job varied daily on the ranch which included: fixing fences, herding cattle, feeding cattle, and driving heavy equipment such as: bulldozer, excavators, tractors, and trucks. On the ranch, when he was driving an 18-wheeler, he really enjoyed it and begun thinking about his future. Later on, Mr. Moffat decided to move to Duncan, SC to have better opportunities, which lead him to SBL Driving Academy. After completing Entry Level Driver Training, Mr. Moffat’s game plan is to “get experience in over the road trucking for a few years and eventually move back to Kansas and go back to ranch work. I plan on going to work for a company that transports food, my dad has done it for a really long time.”

Additionally, Mr. Moffat holds a technical certificate in gasoline and diesel engines. He volunteered at Eureka Fire Department for the county and the city for 4 years before moving to South Carolina. He is certified in swift water rescue and scuba diving (recovery purposes). When he is not at CDL School, he enjoys the outdoors such as fishing and hunting.

Mr. Moffat expressed that he really has enjoyed his time at SBL Driving Academy so far and the “instructors are nice”. Director Bailey said, “He [Moffat] has done very good for himself. He did not come here with a blank canvas; he brought a lot of knowledge with him. The cool thing is, you can take him a little deeper than the basic understanding, you know take his training to the next level”.

Mr. Moffat spent his first day on the range today, and it was clear from his huge smile that he is happy to be behind the wheel.

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