Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Meet Mr. Castillo

Mr. Castillo is originally from Mexico City, Mexico. He came to the United States at 4 years old with his mom and dad. They moved to Taylors, SC., however, Mr. Castillo currently resides in Greer, SC. He works in the trucking industry already as a dispatcher. Mr. Castillo explained why he wanted to get his CDL, “It was combination of the stories from the other truckers coming in and out of my terminal. Plus, I enjoy the comradery that comes with trucking. It is one of the few industries you can get into with little education and still make good income”. Mr. Castillo explained that he “plans on doing dry bulk or getting into tankers for a few years then, I may come back and teach at SBL Driving Academy”. He also expressed the great experience he had at SBL Driving Academy and would really “enjoy instructing others wanting to get in the trucking business”.  

The entire crew at SBL Driving Academy enjoyed Mr. Castillo’s time with our academy. He was always very astute, punctual, and a team player. His instructors often complimented his ability to study even though he was working a full-time job. Mr. Bailey explained “Mr. Castillo’s story is truly inspirational. It makes me want to work even harder to ensure the student’s success.  And I would love for him to come back and work at the Academy once he has a few years under his belt”. 

Please Note: Mr. Castillo is a recent graduate of the Entry Level Driver Training program. Since this interview was conducted, Mr. Castillo obtained his CDL and has recently been hired by a local trucking company.

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